WordPress Powers 32% of Internet Websites


A “Little” Known WordPress Secret 

Mike Little, a mix-race coder from the United Kingdom, is the Co-Founder of WordPress along with Matt Mullenweg. But few in the United States of America have ever heard of him or know he even exists.

WordPress History – The Early Years 

WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. It is the official successor of b2/cafelog. WordPress is modern software, but its roots and development go back to 2001. It is a mature and stable product. We hope that by focusing on user experience and web standards we can create a tool different from anything else out there.


  • 2001 – b2 cafelog launched by Michel Valdrighi.
  • 2003 – Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little fork b2 and create WordPress.

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