Before Registering a Domain Name, Do These 3 Things First

I’m just like everybody else with a good idea. I’m in a rush and don’t have time to stop when I am ready to execute. Does that sound familiar? If so, take my advice and do these three things first before you register that domain name for your new website.

  1. Make Sure The Domain Name is 15 Characters or Less:
  2. Check Twitter and ALL Social Media BEFORE Registering Domain Name
  3. Create a NEW Gmail Account for the Domain Name

Ok, so you cooled your heels a bit and are ready for some advice. Let’s go.

Step 1 – Domain Name is 15 Characters or Less

Why is this important? I’ll tell you why. Twitter allows usernames of just 15 characters MAXIMUM. So you want to make sure your domain is no longer than 15 characters. AND, you want to make sure no one has that name already registered as a Twitter username. Got that? Okay, on to step two.

Step 2 – Check Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

You’re likely thinking: “I don’t do Twitter…” and that’s fine. Doesn’t matter if you do Twitter or not. Your Domain Name becomes your online brand. So you need to lock it up on all social media outlets that allow you to register a unique username. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest allow this. So there you go. Lock all three of these social media outlets up BEFORE you register your domain name.

Step 3 – Create a NEW Gmail Account to Register Domain Name

I bet you already have a Gmail account. Who doesn’t have one? So why do I need another one you say? Here’s why. Gmail is used for more than one thing. So you likely use your current Gmail account for personal emails, YouTube, maybe even to download apps for your Android devices, etc.

When you register you new Domain Name you will want it separate from all other accounts. More about that in a follow-up post. But for now take my word and create a brand new email account. You also want that email in teh exact name of the domain name.

For instance, if the domain name is, your new email account will be:

Follow these three tips and you will be on your way to online success.

My next installment will uncover¬†How To Register a New Domain Name Using Google Domains. I’ll go into more detail on exactly how to setup your new Gmail account properly so Google doesn’t track your every move.

Until next time we meet. Thanks for reading the Blog and checking out the website!

Dante Hamilton
IWN Website Services